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In the pre-industrialized world where time was marked by the changing of the seasons and the hours by the position of the sun, the appearance of clocks in the houses must have seemed a small miracle, its ticking a distraction in the silent rooms, the chimes a punctual, pleasant surprise.

desktop clock

In today’s world with its omnipresent noises and calls, we seek lost peace and, of course, the constant ticking of an ancient clock might not help … and even less its nocturnal chimes. So how do you find a place for these wonderful antique clocks in our modern homes? personally seek silence in the house but I have rediscovered the pleasure of that background tick, while reading a book and having a coffee. It makes me think about the quality of time, which no longer exists. We are too busy running and the thousand daily chores. The antique clock is a handmade mechanism, piece by piece, simple in its complexity. In the casting you can find beauty in every detail.

desktop clock

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer watchmakers know how to repair them, fewer and fewer spare parts are available and so you spend more on repair than on a purchase. However, I would like you to rediscover these clocks and appreciate their company…. if then hearing their chimes at five in the morning doesn’t help you or your neighbors sleep, here’s a little trick: don’t wind up! the website of our partner VENDI ARTE you will find wonderful table clocks (and not only) as well as an interesting information sheet about the history and the origins of these wonderful “time machines”.

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