Antonio De Filippo Antique Dealer

Antonio De Filippo Antique Dealer


Hi, my name is Antonio De Filippo, antique dealer and this is my story:

One of my fondest childhood memories are the forays into the old attic of my great-grandmother’s house, a woman who kept everything..  just in case.

It was a treasure hunt; something new and unexpected always appeared. This child’s game has grown into a passion to preserve and offer beautifully crafted objects and furniture that transport you to a time where love of detail was the foundation of every creation.

Since then I have established myself in the lively, Mediterranean city of Barcelona.

Barcelona and the Mediterranean have always been the connection between east and west, inspiring the search for an eclectic and timeless style.

Over the years, thanks to trips throughout Europe and the Middle East, where the auctions in England or the game of bargaining in an Istanbul bazaar are an unmissable experience, all this has led me to be an antique dealer.

The pleasure of this journey is to discover small treasures and be able to offer them to you.