Antique Desk “Isabelino” in pine wood

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An object often tells the life of its owner, sometimes even the character of the person who owned it.

Finding this desk in a student apartment was a suprise: I wonder if the craftsman who made it thought it would end up like this. It has had a minimal restoration so that all the scratches and signs of aging tell its story.

When we see a desk, in its simplicity and elegance, it brings to mind moments of recollection, thoughts that we want to put on paper to reveal them and make them more real. Today we hardly know what the pleasure of writing or receiving a letter is, the choice of the type of paper, noticing the roughness under your fingers and then those ink strokes that speak about us.

With which emotions will they receive our letter? Just think back to the various explorers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, who traveled in a world that has not yet been globalized: exhausting journeys where, however, it could not miss a moment to collect and put on paper, by the light of an oil lamp, information, geographic data but also emotions of a life lived adventurously.

Their diaries are the real blogs of that time and by going to them we can relive unrepeatable moments and daily miseries, discoveries and disappointments. Even if all this has been lost, the desk will always remain the personal space where, even if in front of a cold monitor, we can gather our ideas: if we are lucky enough to have one that is unique, it will make us feel privilegd and part of a story that continues.

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There is a tiny bookshop in Barcelona that survives thanks to the enormous passion of its bookseller to spread the love of reading. You go in and receive a shelf with a note that says “The hundred books you have to read before you die”: passing by, I asked some help to Angel, the bookseller, who suggested to me the book “Plague and Cholera” by Patrick Deville.

Is the story of the Swiss Alexandre Yersin who, at the age of twenty-two, arrived in Paris and enrolled in the Pasteur adventure and everything set him on his way to becoming one of Pasteur’s privileged successors.

However Yersin was an adventurous spirit: the young man enrolls as a doctor on a boat, goes to sea and begins his voyages through Far East, explores the jungle, and travels to China, Aden and Madagascar. And during the great epidemic of Hong Kong, in 1894, he discovers the bacillus of the plague.

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